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Can you see the person in the mirror,

and love who that person is?


I have found the greatest love of all, which is self love. When we can love ourselves we are open to give and receive love.

I was Born in Montreal, Canada and lived most of my life there. My  husband is an American and I have re-located to Pennsylvania to be with him. I am now a citizen of The United States.

I enjoy golf, writing, reading, taking long walks with my dog and visiting new places when on vacation.

What I write is written from true life experiences but a few are created from my imagination. Writing, what feelings harbor in my soul, gives me enjoyment. I have been writing since I was very young.

I write Novels, Poetry, Press Articles and Releases, and Song Lyrics. I hope to continue to write for as long as it gives me pleasure.   Daveda Gruber






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It is great to have you visit, that is why this site was created so that I could have you and all my friends old and new, even those yet to be made drop in to visit.                                                                

I hope that you will read all my pages and that you enjoy what you see; my books, my poetry site and my new publishing venture that I am so proud of!

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