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More Snaphots

Printed: 120 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, cream interior paper (60# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink

This book is Daveda's follow up to her book featured below     "Snapshots ...a Blonde View". Daveda is a born storyteller who can tell a story to rhyme that will capture the interest of anyone! Daveda takes you on a lighthearted journey from childhood to becoming a wife, sister, mother and friend. Come along, but hold on tight when you join Daveda, as she journeys through a unique life that is all her own!

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Snapshots...a Blonde View

Perfect Bound 8.5"x5.5" 123 pages....  

Daveda Gruber is a woman, wife, mother and poet. This book is filled with snapshots from her life, accompanied with poetry written in rhyme. Daveda's love of life comes shining through, whether she is sharing absurd anecdotes of domestic life, or recounting very personal episodes that would bring many people to despair. One thing is for certain, she can laugh at herself on this trip through time, and she invites you to come along for the ride. You will find many moments of humor, love, joy and pain, throughout, but even through the pain, Daveda finds a way to bring a smile, a must read and a ride you will not soon forget, so strap yourself in and fly away with Daveda.....

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Sample of Reviews Given.

Reading this blondes view on life made me both laugh and cry, reading this book was just like seeing a good movie that moves you... even when you walk away crying you say its brilliant... and when you laugh you certainly laugh seeing many things in life you can truly relate to... this is a book that you want in your collection so you can go again and again to pick it up... I am proud to say I own it... Pat Simpson AKA Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson.

I found this book to reach a gamut of emotions from within me... Joy, sorrow, anger, curiosity, contentment, and contempt!
Mrs.Grubers life is not only interesting but captures the readers attention all the way through! I ended up reading this in one day!      I could not put it down. Through all her experiences in life so far, she has come out on top! 
She is a fighter and a survivor for sure! Lucky90250.

"Snapshots, A Blonde View was a lovely poetry book that has poems about friends, her daughter, husband, her dog, Lady Godiva, and lots of humorous poems that would certainly bring a smile to her readers. She has written in numerous poetic styles and has expressed herself well in every poem she has written. She has written as inanimate objects that will have you on the edge of your chair laughing with glee! She has lovely pictures of her daughter's, husband and herself and her best friend. The imagery in her poems brings the scene right before you.. I would highly recommend this book for all adults. I am sure I will pick it up many times to reread these poems. It is another fine poetry book I will treasure.   Christina R Jussaume...

Since Daveda's had her first book published she has since become a publisher herself with her Team at:

 Publishing with Passion

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