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COLOR VERSION ISBN: 978-1-312-62310-1

B&W VERSION: 978-1-312-53771-2

COVER BY: Daveda Gruber

In this her seventeenth book, a different kind of poetry book is what you will find here. All of the poetry is done on photography and graphic art designs. The author is a poetic genius who has written from the innermost depths of her soul. You may cry, laugh and feel emotions that will give you the opportunity to get to know her just a little better than from her previous books. Daveda created the first 'Picture Poetry' book a few years ago and now has decided it is the time to release this, her latest book. Take the time to read about the author as she reveals her thoughts about where she came from and her views on America. You will then be able to understand her poetry a little bit better but you will not fall asleep reading this poetry book. Every poem has a purpose because it is a part of the author and her hopes and fears. A full glossary of poetic styles/forms that are used is included in the book. Enjoy the journey as you turn the pages of this 'New Picture Poetry'. 


ISBN Hard Cover (Color Version): 9781300165286

ISBN Soft Cover( B&W Version): 9781300164173

Cover By Graphic Art Designer: Daveda Gruber

The most anticipated poetry book to come from Daveda Gruber is finally here. Having taken years of graphic art designs and poetry writing, it is here for your total enjoyment. Discover “Picture Poetry,” as this brilliant woman has named it, come to life. It is available in Hard Cover that is presented in Full Interior Color. There is also a black and white version available in a Soft Cover version. Daveda introduces three incredible romantic poems, which are co-written with one of her poet peers by the name of Stefan Borenstein. The poetry is written to perfection with Free Flow verse as well as beautiful poetic forms; many of the poetic styles have been created by the author herself. Discover the variety of imagination through poetic flare and elegance that only Daveda can write. This book is a ‘must have’ in any poetry collection and will stand out as a gem.

By Publishing with Passion
Sept. 9, 2012
As the members of the publishing team looked through the magnificence of this totally unique book looked at the pages, there was delight in the presentation of this extraordinary poetry. The hard cover color version will blow you away but the poetry itself is clever and written from the inner most depth of Gruber’s heart that the black and white book is also a winner. “Picture Poetry,” as named by Daveda, is a wonderful new way of experiencing a poetry book. You will find heart wrenching poems that will bring you to tears and sensual writing that will take you on its own journey. There are three amazing poems that Daveda has invited a co-writer to pen with her. This is a book that should be read by any poetry lover. It is highly recommended.

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ISBN: 978-1-257-66069-8    Soft Cover

ISBN: 978-1-257-77037-3    Hard Cover

Take a whirl wind ride in this book made up of hilarious short-stories that will have you laughing all through it. You will find true stories and a few that come from the mind of Daveda Gruber who is well known for the fun way she interprets the world around her. Find out what inanimate objects think and do. Have the time of your life reading this, her fifteenth book, filled with pure enjoyment!                                                

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May. 3, 2011

By Publishing with Passion

This is a book to read if you want to laugh out loud. Daveda has a way of telling stories that have actually happened to her that will keep you roaring with laughter. There are pictures that enhance the book with a wonderful flavor. Gruber’s world is what she calls ‘Blonde.’ It seems to be the way she sees life. The amusing side always shows the way.

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Cover by Graphic Art Designer: Daveda Gruber




ISBN: 978-1-105-35410-6

Cover by: Helen McManus and Daveda Gruber

If ever you could be able to read the crème de la crème of poetry in one book, you have just touched upon it. Three incredible minds, the best of this era, take you to their own point of view on a given subject. See the extraordinary differences in how three each individual poet expresses her thoughts into words. The subjects have been randomly picked and a point of view from Williams, Gruber and McManus show you the diversity that poetry can have at its finest moments.

Dec. 13, 2011
By Publishing with Passion
This book contains some of the most remarkable poetry you will ever have the pleasure of reading. It is amazing how one subject can be written upon in three completely different ways. You will see how three of the most talented poets around give you such different ways of what they feel when a topic is put to them. A graphic art design accompanies the topic and three poems follow. This makes the book one of the most exciting and unique poetry books that anyone can read. It has some sadness, serious moods and humor all displayed with elegance in this extremely well formatted book. It is a must to add to any collection.




ISBN: 978-0-557-64275-5  Soft Cover

ISBN: 978-0-557-64248-9  Hard Cover

Daveda Gruber’s fourteenth book; a novel, has a magical way of letting the reader become immersed in her storytelling is extremely apparent as you are mesmerized from one page to the next. Intimate feelings that come from within the depths of her soul will have you captured in the moments that bring you closer to knowing her. There are pictures of this glamorous couple inside the book. This book will enhance any love and romance collection.

Cover Done by: Grapic Artist Carol Eckart 

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With eleven books already published, this is Daveda Gruber's twelfth. Gruber has a way of spilling words onto to page that tug at the reader’s heart. It is because, Daveda writes from deep within her soul. This book goes through some of the tragedies that this courageous woman continues to move forward through no matter what difficulties she stumbles upon the path of life. Find out what gives her this magnificent ability by reading the book.
Take a journey with Daveda Gruber into the fantasy world she creates for children. This book has animals that are lovable and fun! Gruber has two other children books and a teen book published along with seven other books for adults. This being her eleventh book, she entertains young and older readers alike with a magic that engrosses whoever enters her world. This incredibly witty book is done in full interior color.

This book is by far Daveda Gruber's best yet; her eighth book! This is a particularly amazing poetry book full of many styles all that are fully explained in glossary or just to read for pure enjoyment. This is most definitely a well thought out book with pictures that gives host to a mélange of subjects. Most of all, it is a magical read. This book has the beautiful wonders of life displayed in eloquent style and form that anyone will enjoy. REVISED EDITION


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This courageous woman decided helping others was worth the pain of working on a book about the death of her daughter. This being Gruber’s tenth book it is written with the same remarkable way of storytelling as her other written works have displayed. If Daveda could overcome the pain, read this book and discover that you can as well. The book contains many beautiful pictures and is in full interior color.

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Steeler fans will love this book! Daveda Gruber has a love for Football, but mostly a great loyalty to her favorite team, The Pittsburgh Steelers. Daveda loves to write and this time, she has used poetic forms to create ‘CHEERS’ for her team! This is her eighth poetry book. She also has one chapter book published. Her versatility goes to the outermost boundaries of the written word. If you enjoy the Pittsburgh Steelers, buy this book!