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ISBN: 978-1-105-06951-2

Cover by Graphic Art Designer: Helen McManus

You will find some of the world’s finest writers who have written about that fatal day on 9/11 and some patriotic poetry for this great land. The Poets of the world famous poetry site, ‘Poetry with Passion’ have collaborated to present this masterpiece to you. The Cover was designed by Graphic Art Designer, Helen McManus, and depicts the towers before the fell, on that horrific day, with the ‘Angel of Grief’ crying for the people who would lose their lives. The heart represents the love that God felt for his children who were about to meet their maker. All of the proceeds of this book go to the NYC Firefighter’s Fund. Buy a copy for this most deserving charity fund.                                 
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Sept. 16, 2011 By Publishing with Passion

There are pieces of poetry in this book that are undeniably some of the best you were ever have the opportunity to read. Take a glance at some of the works of the most talented writers of this generation. Get perspectives of a diverse blend of the best of the best writers you will find anywhere.
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Cover By: Daveda Gruber

ISBN: 978-1-105-91257-3

Reading a book from the most brilliant writers in the world will certainly thrill and stimulate the mind. These poets will vote on their peers and one poet will emerge as the winner of a book publishing contract with “Publishing with Passion.” It is quite exciting to be able to have a group of writers from around the globe and to see the best of what they have written. There is poetry from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia. Read the best of the best!

By Publishing with Passion
July 5, 2012
Let your mind travel to the writing of a group of paramount poets who have given you their finest written works. This book is filled with the most diverse poetry and graphic art designs. Within the pages, you will find poets from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia. I found poet after poet to be unique in their writing abilities. It is very enjoyable to see the assortment of great writing capability.

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ISBN: 978-1-257-11311-8
Want to laugh out loud? This is the funniest book you will ever have the opportunity to read. Done in poetic form, it is like reading one joke after another. Some of the world’s most talented poets have written from their funny side. Amongst the hysterical moments there are comments or responses that actually are posted along with the poems on Poetry with Passion.’ You will have the chance to read the ‘King of Reviews’ as you read J. Elwood Davis’s (known in the poetic world as ‘Raindance’) comments. There is some graphic art and some pictures that are hilarious, but the words themselves are side-splitting! Go ahead, laugh your head off!
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Mar. 17, 2011 By Publishing with Passion
You will never in your lifetime read such a hysterical book as this one. The poems flow like jokes to make you want to hold your tummy and laugh out loud. This book has the spin of the poetry site that all these poets belong to, Poetry with Passion. On the site reviews or replies are made to a poem that is posted. The ‘King of Reviews’ is a poet who is known by the name ‘Raindance.’ Some of his reviews are in the book after the humorous poem. If the poem didn’t have you on the floor, the review will! His real name is J. Elwood Davis and he has funny poems in this hilarious book that is filled with some of the most talented poets in the world. An actual ‘winner for funniest poem’ is picked and is revealed to you at the end of the book. For the time of your life, buy and read this book that will crack you up!
Cover by Graphic Art Designer:
Helen McManus
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This is a volume of poetry for the world to remember and read to their loved ones about the day when suicide hijackers crashed two planes, one into the east twin tower and another into the west tower of the World’s Trade Center; thereafter, other hijackers crashed a plane into the pentagon, and another was stopped short by heroic passengers before it could hit the Presidential White House which was its intended target. May the souls of the victims and their families be remembered as they are honorably lifted up by Poets-World-Wide! All revenue raised will be paid to The Firefighters Fund

ISBN 978-0-557-10909-8


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ISBN: 978-1-4092-4723-4

$10.00 per book goes to USO

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