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Devoid of All Fears



In dreams, exhilaration high,

perceived as an angel gifted.

Sprouted wings as body lifted.

Floating, without restraint, could fly.

Freedom’s light witnessed in the sky.

Ambiance devoid of all fears.

Uncertainties of all the years;

disappeared a moment in time.

Caught a glimpse of morning sun climb;

thoughts of returning bringing tears.



©Daveda Gruber

May 3, 2009.



Glowing Light (Ottava Rima)


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Grateful that God is close within my sight,

Faith has been my salvation; that I see.

If not for the warmth of His glowing light,

Which gave me the strength to set my heart free.

No fear of future, because all is bright.

When I need Him, He will be beside me.

He knows my honesty when I give praise.

I show Him by living life by His ways.




from my book “The Blonde Who Found Jesus”

In a Different Land



The harsh rain hit me brutally,

As I struggled to scurry home.

The puddles were getting deep;

With formations of frothy foam.


 I happened all so suddenly;

Had slumber taken over me?

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Were surely in my bed you see!


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 They were very nice people;

Remembered it was getting late;

I could not forget to play golf;

Tiger Woods was my golfing date!


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 I didn’t feel bad that I beat him,

After all, he usually wins.

Now, I was in a real big rush,

The Oprah Winfrey show begins!


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 It was lovely to be a guest;

She had very nice things to say

Oprah showed one of my new books!

Everything was going my way!


 Just then Scotty called me over,

I knew it must be time to go.

They were all waiting just for me.

As we were beamed, I had a glow.


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 Thinking we’ll all go into space,

Then I began to rub my eyes.

All wet, with a bump on my head,

Going home right away was wise!


 From my book “A Blonde View of Life”


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Love appears through an astounding feeling;
That only I can clearly understand.
A glow of light; is to me, revealing;
To solely me, it has been seen first hand.

His hand gently touches, upon my skin;
An inferno, that sets my heart aglow.
An astounding emotion; felt within;
The pure sensation, which makes my blood flow.

The rush of passion, that becomes unleashed;
As we soar, to those uncharted places.
The desire within our souls to be reached,
As we experience love embraces.
I vow to you; my total existence;
I request from you, love within your soul.
You demonstrate to me no resistance.
Together, we are both as one and whole.
(@)} —‘-;—

from my book: ”Snapshots …Blonde View”

Drip, Drip, Drip! (Humor)

On Sunday I knew I was in trouble.
She yelled, “Oh my God”; trouble was double.
I did not know she would get so mad at me;
That is why I felt scared and had to pee!


Yes, it was on the pretty blue carpet.
I make mistakes; I’m just a little pet.
I watch her take showers; it looks like fun.
When she got out, I assumed she was done.

There was still water; I watched drip, drip, drip;
Under the tap, I looked up for a sip.
My head, ears and feet started to get wet;
This was fun, taking a shower, you bet!


Well, Mommy was not as happy as me;
When she yelled, that’s when it happened, you see.
Carpet in the washer, such a big fuss!
The blow dryer next; I will not discuss!

The comb and brush came next, which I don’t like.
I screamed and growled; wanted to go on strike!
I was not the winner of this new game.
I was quiet, when she shouted my name.


A teacup poodle, just over one year;
Has lots to learn in this big world, I fear!
No more showers when I decide it’s time;
Control in this life, is not always mine!


from my book: ”Tales of a Tiny Dog”

Lady Godiva was purchased from Small Poodle Breeder: Beverly Johnson (606) 365.4004




     The prince of gardens had so much on his mind. A princess so splendid; he could not leave behind. From this chilling beauty; he could not be apart. He felt there must be a way, to win her heart.
     The ice princess could feel the prince was near; once again, his charming voice, she could now hear. She slipped on her robe; embroidered in gold; outside her castle, the prince she did behold.

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     Her face pale and angelic; she whispered again, I am a princess here; in the land of ice I reign. The prince of gardens pleaded, I have a kingdom. In my gardens, your lovely presence will be welcome!
     All of my people will accept a new queen.
You will be at my side; in gardens so green.
The ice princess saw, there was love in his eyes. Could moving to a new kingdom, be so wise?

An excerpt from my book: “Castle of Ice”