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Daveda’s New Poetry Styles

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Poetry with Passion Sept Neuf Rime Deux Fois Ensemble:

This form was invented by Daveda Gruber on 08/20/2010. Lines of alternating seven and nine syllables with two words of each line having matching rhymes. Ten lines total.


Read the Very Best!




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an outstanding feat from the elite;

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Get a glimpse of the best of the rest.

Wherein finest poem wins;
contributors to finalize prize.
Looking at rules; the best tools;

elite gets receipt of published book.

Book of excellence to you;

poets on on a manifest quest!





©Daveda Gruber and Joree Williams


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“Daveda’s Dix-Par-Deux”  is a new style of poetry I invented on 03/04/08 …the style consists of 2 rhyming couplets of 10 syllables making up each line …then a line of 2 syllables (the 2 syllable lines must sum up the 2 couplets they follow) …2 more 10 syllable couplets and another line of 2 syllables …you can do as many as you wish!

Love to Share (Daveda’s Dix-Par-Deux)


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Surviving this life is not always kind.

Look up to heaven and open your mind.


My friends, just try, this is not hard to do.

Know in your heart; He’s always there for you.




It’s not difficult to find the right road.

A place awaits you to put down the load.


God picks up what is too heavy to bear.

Lighten your fear He understands despair.




He has much love to share with all of us;

to those who believe his way; He will bless.


If you look you will find what is waiting;

love for the son of God is elating.





©Daveda Gruber

March 6, 2008


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“Daveda’s Hybrid Cascade”

Cascade: a poem with an eight syllable count. The first stanza repeats itself as the ending line on each of the following stanzas. There is no rhyme required, but I have added rhyme to make it a Daveda Hybrib Cascade. 

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 Raging Fire



Tranquility is my desire;

Cannot exist with raging fire.

How many times must I forgive?

With constant fears how can I live?


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Essential for this heart is love.

I request from you, Lord above.

Quiet and peace I do require;

tranquility is my desire.


It gets more difficult with time,

as I’m no longer in my prime.

I need your guidance to inspire;

cannot exist with raging fire.


Please help me Lord; to understand.

I am desperate; hold my hand.

The time past, is not to relive.

How many times must I forgive?


This weary heart has suffered pain.

More anguish will drive me insane.

There is much love I long to give,

with constant fears how can I live?




©Daveda Gruber

February 24, 2008




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Daveda’s Quatre-Rime-Par-Huit

Invented on 11/08/08 by Daveda Gruber.

Syllables: 7, 5, 3, 1, 7, 5, 3, 1

Then over again as many times as you wish.

In a stanza lines 1, 2, 5 and 6 must have the same rhyme.


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Looking at you, cute and sweet;

tiny puppy feet.

My little


Do you want a doggie treat;

something good to eat?

Smart petite



My friends can surly agree,

you’re smart as can be.

My baby


Pretty prize for all to see;

You belong to me.

I adore



Caring and loyal you are;

Never straying far.

Close by my


Riding with me in my car;

Tiny teacup star.

Love you for





©Daveda Gruber

November 8, 2008.


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The Red White and Blue


*Daveda’s Quatre-Rime-Par-Huit

Invented on 11/08/08 by Daveda Gruber

Syllables: 7, 5, 3, 1, 7, 5, 3, 1

Then over again as many times as you wish.

In a stanza lines 1, 2, 5 and 6 must have the same rhyme.



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You are always in God’s view.

For us, you pursue

Peace for all


Under the red white and blue,

Jesus walks with you.

We send our



We pray for your safe return.

You have our concern.

You’re in our


All our respect you do earn;

For loved ones you yearn.

God be with



Men and women on the line

With God’s love divine,

Have faith in


You are in this heart of mine;

Hope it will be fine

To come home





©Daveda Gruber

November 16, 2008.

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